Eric Scoles
403 Helendale Road
Rochester NY 14609
phone: 585-368-5636


A challenging position in website development and implementation, preferably with focus on high-quality user interaction design.


February 2006 to January 2014

At Brand Cool, I was responsible for defining web technology solutions for our clients, with a focus on finding the level of technology appropriate to the client and their needs. Since 2008, that's mostly meant implementing them on some kind of content management system (usually Drupal). I was also responsible for technical aspects of pay-per-click campaigns integrated with custom landing pages and contact forms, and have grown much more familiar with HTML email than I ever imagined I would.

August 2003 to December 2004, November 2005 to December 2005

Specify, plan, and execute technical aspects of staffing outsourcing implementations using a managed-service Vendor Management System.

September 2002 to September 2003

When not occupied on contract jobs, I worked as a freelance web developer (and donated my time pro bono to several worthy causes, including The August Group). During this time I developed a php-based website framework, built an web-based front end for an MS-Access database using only eXtendeded Server Side Includes [XSSI], created several websites using the PostNuke CMS, and learned to send newsletters using MailMan – not to mention working on several websites for what would become Brand Cool Marketing.

December 2001 to April 2003

Web development and information technology consulting. (See also below.)

Intermittent engagements from December 2001 through April 2003

December 2000 to November 2001

Provided web development support for the Marketing and IT departments. (Reported to the Manager of Internet Communications.) (Note: Xelus, Inc. has since been dissolved.)

March 2000 to November 2000

Lead Consultant in the Enterprise Applications Integration practice.

March 1998 to February 2000

Presentation layer (ASP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) development for websites and web-based products in the "Corporate ZDU" family of corporate training solutions.

February 1997 to March 1998

Business-unit webmaster for a vendor of custom-packaged technical support content. (ZD Support Publishing was a business unit of Ziff-Davis's ZD Education division. The business unit was sold to Microhouse International in March 1998.) (Hourly contractor.)

May 1996, November 1996

Microcomputer support for all academic (that is, non-administrative) microcomputers at a 3000-student college.

May 1992 to June 1993

Led a team responsible for maintaining, configuring, and repairing IBM-compatible PCs in public and instructional areas.

February 1992 to June 1993

Trained members of the University of Rochester community in office productivity software, developing or participating in team development of new courseware as needed.

September 1991 to May 1993

Help Desk consultant in the University of Rochester's Computing Library and Resources Center (CLARC).


Since 1997, I've made my living primarily as a web developer (with forays into requirements analysis and the implementation of software-as-a-service [SAAS] offerings). This is a necessarily partial list of web development platforms or technologies I've used or am currently using.

After nearly three decades of working in offices (including time spent training folks how to use office software), if I don't know it, I can usually figure it out.


Founded casually in 2006 and formally incorporated in 2008, R-SPEC exists to facilite discussion of speculative literature and related topics. Since Fall 2008, I have served as a member of the Board of Directors and as the Chief Technology Officer.

A member from May 2002 through 2005, I served from Fall 2002 through June 2003 as the Web Services Co-Chair, with responsibility for implementing web-based services to benefit the membership and facilitate group operations.


September 1991 to June 1993

BA, Anthropology (May 1993), Cum Laude.

September 1989 to December 1989, September 1990 to December 1990

Non-matriculated, Philosophy and Anthropology (Fall 1989 and 1990).

September 1987 to December 1987, September 1988 to December 1988

Non-matriculated, Science and Technology Studies and Philosophy

September 1981 to October 1984